About Us

With each candle hand poured from 100% pure artisan soybean wax, cedar wooden wicks, and exclusively selected essential oils, DCC prides itself on providing a clean & natural burning product. To add to the eco-friendly vision and burn of your new favorite candle company product, each candle is packaged in a fully recycled box making it truly the perfect gift. With a guaranteed smooth burn pool along with soot & toxin free enjoyment, the DCC candle separates itself from industry competitors. Here at DCC we humbly consider ourselves the experts of luxury home fragrances.

At Downtown Candle Company we aim to provide every client with the highest quality candle each and every burn. For over 10 years, the founder of DCC has made the candle making business his serenity. Although the company was initially launched with a small business aim, the founder's vision reached far beyond city limits and state-lines. After traveling state-to-state and city-to-city gifting products, the founder couldn't help but notice the growing demand of his product. This then ignited the spurt to offer placement services in boutiques to broaden the brand's visibility. Currently our brand has proudly grown to brick and mortar locations, and we are privileged to announce DCC is actively offering franchise opportunities! Is your city next?